Ward Bill to Optimize Professional Ongoing Education Tracking System Approved by Senate

HARRISBURG – The process for tracking continuing education requirements for licensed Pennsylvania professionals would be streamlined and improved under a bill introduced by Sen. Judy Ward (R-30) that was approved today by the state Senate.

“It’s important for professionals in our state to fulfill continuing education requirements, but it’s equally important for their compliance to be properly recognized and tracked by the state,” Ward said. “These systems need to be optimized and improved to better meet the needs of professionals across the Commonwealth so they can continue to serve our residents.”

Certain professions require continuing education, and state boards and commissions track professionals’ compliance with the requirements. Failure to complete continuing education requirements can lead to the suspension or loss of a professional license.

The boards and commissions sometimes fail to process professionals’ continuing education requirements in a timely fashion, which also can jeopardize their licenses or ability to serve their clients.

Ward’s Senate Bill 1242 seeks to address the issue by giving the Pennsylvania Department of State the authority to modernize and streamline the process for verifying professional continuing education compliance. Her proposal calls for the creation of a continuing education tracking system for use by licensees, boards and continuing education providers.

“The professionals who rely on these certification systems are providing important services to our families and neighbors in our communities,” Ward said. “The continuing education certification process must better meet the needs of the professionals who use it and the Pennsylvanians they serve.”

Senate Bill 1242 now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration.


Ward Contact: Nathan Akers

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