Ward Issues Statement on the Senate Signing of 23/24 General Appropriation bill

HOLLIDAYSBURG – Sen. Judy Ward (R-30) issued the following statement today regarding the Senate’s signing of the 2023/24 General Appropriation bill, HB 611:

“Today the Senate signed the 2023/24 General Appropriation bill, HB 611, sending it to the Governor’s desk for his signature.  While this will fund many governmental operations and essential services, there are several programs that remain unable to be funded without accompanying legislation, like the Fiscal Code, traditionally passed as part of the larger budget package.  This year, the remaining budget package will present members of the General Assembly with choices that couldn’t be more important, and my hope is that the Pennsylvania Award for Student Success (PASS) scholarship program will be a part of that discussion.  I look forward to further negotiations over the outstanding budget legislation and urge House Democrats and Governor Shapiro to provide a lifeline to children trapped in failing schools and include the PASS program as part of the final budget package.”

CONTACT: Nathan Akers

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