Meeting to consider SR 288

Senate Aging and Youth Committee

May 24, 2022 | 11 a.m.

Main Capitol, Room 461


Meeting to consider SR 288


  • SR 288, sponsored by Senator Judy Ward, directs the Joint State Government Commission to conduct a study of the wage rates for staff and contract nurses, as well as the rates charged by staffing agencies to provide those nurses. It will also look at the increase in wages from 2018 through today and measure it against the rate of inflation. The ratio of staff nurses to contract nurses will also be studied, as well as whether the facilities experienced an increase in the need for staff members with specific expertise or certification. The study is to be completed and submitted to the Senate within seven months.
    • Amendment A04225 (Collett) This amendment expands the study by directing the Joint State Government Commission to study wage rates for nursing facility administrators; any increase in wages paid to nursing facility administrators as compared to the nation’s inflation rate from 2018 through today; payments made by facilities to any corporate-related entities, including any parent or subsidiary corporation with a direct or indirect controlling in the facility’s operation; rent payments owed by facilities and increases in rents paid from 2018 through today, including whether the rent payments were made to a corporation or an entity related to the shareholders of the long-term care facility; and an analysis of changes in rent payments by the long-term care facility as compared to the national trends in rent increases over the same time period.
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