Ward Issues Statement on Senate Bill 956

HOLLIDAYSBURG – Sen. Judy Ward (R-30) issued the following statement today regarding Senate Bill 956 to ensure the media, public and elected officials understand the legislation and to help prevent misrepresentation of the constitutional amendment:

“Federal courts have long held that the federal constitution does not require taxpayer funding of abortion. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court held in 1985 that the state constitution also does not require such taxpayer funding.

Senate Bill 956 is a constitutional amendment that reiterates the status quo, that the Pennsylvania Constitution does not grant a right to an abortion or the taxpayer funding of abortion. If approved, it will prevent taxpayer dollars from funding elective terminations and will preserve the authority of elected officials – not the judicial branch – to enact future abortion laws.

To no one’s surprise, this issue has elicited consternation from abortion rights activists who wield passionate and misleading rhetoric to convince the masses that my bill will lead to widespread bans. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Currently, Medicaid covers both non-elective abortions and voluntary abortions involving cases of rape or incest, but still withholds funding for all other elective instances. If the constitutional amendment is approved by the voters, this won’t change. The Abortion Control Act will remain the law as well. The language does not ban abortions, but rather ensures that abortion policy in Pennsylvania comes from the people’s elected representatives.”


CONTACT: Nathan Akers

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