Ward Announces $818,962 Broadband Grant for Brush Creek Township

Frontier Communications accepted an $818,962 state grant to deliver broadband service to Brush Creek Township in Fulton County, Sen. Judy Ward (R-30) announced today.

“The availability of affordable broadband internet is essential to residents and businesses, and the COVID-19 pandemic made the issue even more critical as employees worked remotely, healthcare providers relied more heavily on telemedicine visits, and schools used remote learning,” said Ward. “Calls from constituents with no broadband internet access or inadequate service have drastically increased, and this issue has become a major focus.”

Frontier will expand their existing network to include 242 potential service connections by installing 74 miles of fiberoptic cable near unserved communities in both Brush Creek Township and nearby East Providence Township in Bedford County.

The new service will offer maximum speeds of 948 Mbps for downloads and 880 Mbps for uploads. Frontier will also provide reduced rates for low-income families with speeds guaranteed at 50 Mbps.

“The impact of these broadband funding investments will be significant,” Ward said. “Bringing high-speed internet service to residents in unserved rural areas like Brush Creek Township provides them with access to the resources they need, resulting an improved quality of life.”

The Commonwealth Financing Authority awarded the grant through the Unserved High-Speed Broadband Funding Program, created by Act 132 of 2020. The program distributed $10 million to 19 projects across the state designed to deliver reliable broadband internet to underserved communities.


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