Ward: Fulton County Election Machine Inspection Paused

HARRISBURG – An investigation of Fulton County’s voting machines will be postponed pending a court order, Sen. Judy Ward (R-30) said Friday.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court halted the collection of data from the machines by Envoy Sage, working in connection with the Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee, just hours after a lower court ruled the process could move forward.

“I am disappointed with the administration’s continued efforts to prevent the inspection of Fulton County’s voting machines,” said Sen. Ward. “Today was supposed to be a day where we begin to get answers. Instead, our frustration continues due to the administration’s ongoing attempts to hinder the investigation.”

Last month, the chairman of the Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee sent a letter to Fulton County requesting permission to gather data from the voting machines that were decertified by the Department of State last year. Although the county commissioners voted to cooperate with the investigation, the Department of State and Dominion have pursued legal action to prevent this review from taking place.

“While these legal challenges are resolved in court, I stand behind Fulton County Commissioners Ulsh and Bunch as they carry out their duty to the people they represent,” said Sen. Ward. “It is my hope that this phase of the investigation can move forward in the near future so we can provide a more accessible and secure election system to the people of our great Commonwealth.”

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