Wolf’s Veto Only Punishes Law Abiding Citizens, Ward Says

HARRISBURG – Sen. Judy Ward (R-30) said the governor’s decision to veto permitless carry legislation earlier this week sends a clear message to the law-abiding citizens in this Commonwealth: our constitutional rights and personal safety don’t matter.

“I am very disappointed with the Governor’s recent decision to veto the legislation by Senator Dush that would have solidified the constitutional right of all Pennsylvanians to bear arms,” says Senator Judy Ward.  “This right of ours is sacred and should be protected and not infringed.  This veto by the Governor is clearly a move in the wrong direction, and I will continue to fight for the constitutional rights of Pennsylvania citizens.”

Senate Bill 565 would have allowed lawful gun owners to carry a concealed firearm without a permit, as is authorized in 21 other states. The legislation changed nothing about the process of vetting handgun purchases in Pennsylvania, which still requires a criminal background check, or the lawful usage of firearms, which is regulated under other existing statutes.

Instead, Wolf, in the name of public safety, rejected a bill that would have empowered residents to protect themselves from the very criminals who violate their personal freedoms with no regard for the law.

“Criminals don’t follow gun laws,” says Senator Ward.  “They will bear arms regardless of the law.  To take away a law abiding citizens right to also carry a firearm is not only wrong but leaves them potentially unable to defend themselves against such criminals.”

FBI data clearly show that in jurisdictions where law abiding people have the right to both keep and bear arms, those communities are safer.

To illustrate that, in October, a bystander carrying a legal, concealed handgun stopped a shooting situation in Lancaster’s Park City Mall.

“Absent him being there it could have been a very different situation,” said Lancaster County District Attorney Heather Adams of the bystander and his actions that prevented many more people working or shopping in the mall that day from being hurt or killed.


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