Senator Judy Ward Says State Budget Enhances Commitment to Long-Term Care, Plans for Tomorrow

(HARRISBURG) – The state Senate today approved a fiscally responsible 2021-22 state budget that enhanced the state’s commitment to its seniors through an increase in funding for long-term care facilities while putting money aside for the future, according to state Senator Judy Ward (R-30).

“This support of our long-term care community illustrates a commitment to the state’s most vulnerable population,” said Senator Ward, who is the chair of the Senate Aging and Youth Committee. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, too many decisions were made that did not prioritize this community. Working together we can use this funding to safeguard this group moving forward.”

The budget included $282 million in stimulus money to support long-term care facilities that suffered serious financial challenges during the pandemic. The funding includes:

  • $247 million for nursing homes;
  • $30 million for personal care homes and assisted living residences; and
  • $5 million for ventilation grants for long-term care facilities to improve indoor air flow. 

“Again this year, we did not ask families for more of their hard-earned dollars to prop up state spending,” Senator Ward said. “Instead we held the line on the governor’s requested increase in taxes and spending while still focusing on the challenges facing nursing homes and long-term care.”

Contact: Cheryl Schriner

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