Local Volunteer Emergency Responders Receive State Grants

HARRISBURG – Local fire and EMS companies in Cumberland County will receive a total of $79,000 in grant funding from the state, according to Senator Judy Ward (R-30) and Representative Barb Gleim (R-199).

Grants totaling more than $33,000 were awarded to Friendship Hose Company No. 1 and Upper Frankford Township Fire Company in the current round of funding.

The grants were awarded as part of the Fire Company and Emergency Medical Services Grant Program, which helps eligible organizations fund facility renovations and/or construction, equipment purchases, debt reduction and training.

“Fundraising is a constant concern for volunteer emergency responders, and every dollar they receive helps them perform their life-saving duties,” Ward said. “I am very pleased that these grants will help each of these organizations get the training, equipment and facilities they need to fulfill their mission of protecting our lives and property.”

“The vast majority of Pennsylvanians depend on volunteers for fire protection and EMS services – 97 percent of all fire services in Pennsylvania are staffed by volunteers,” Gleim said. “Whether they are paid or not, these men and women choose to do very difficult jobs – jobs most of us shy away from.”

The Fire Company and Emergency Medical Services Grant Program is administered by the Office of the State Fire Commissioner.


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