Senate Passes Down Syndrome Protection Act

HARRISBURG – A bill that would prohibit the practice of selectively aborting babies based solely on a diagnosis of Down syndrome earned Senate approval today, according to Senator Judy Ward (R-30), who supported the bill.

House Bill 321 would prohibit an abortion being deemed medically necessary based on a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. Similar protections already exist to prevent babies from being aborted based solely on their gender.

Nothing in the bill would interfere with the existing ability of a woman to obtain an abortion in cases of rape, incest or endangerment to the mother. The bill is targeted only at protecting babies who would be aborted solely because of the possible presence of Down syndrome.

“Many individuals with Down syndrome today lead productive lives, get an education and hold down a job. They are thriving, loving individuals who should never be deemed undesirable,” Ward said. “Down syndrome should never be used to terminate a human life. These beautiful children deserve a chance to live.”

An estimated 67 percent of fetuses prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted in the United States.


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