Ward Appointed to Dairy Future Commission

HARRISBURG – Senator Judy Ward (R-30) has been appointed to serve on a newly created commission that is focused on addressing the challenges facing Pennsylvania’s dairy industry.

The Dairy Future Commission was created by Act 66 of 2019 in order to study current and future issues affecting the dairy industry and to offer recommendations to promote and strengthen the industry. The bill that created the new panel was approved in June as part of a package of bills to support Pennsylvania agriculture as a whole.

“Right now, dairy farmers are facing extremely difficult market conditions that create an enormous amount of pressure on farmers, regardless of the size or location of their operations,” Ward said. “I appreciate the chance to serve on this new panel to find new ways to promote dairy farming and ensure the perspectives of local farmers are included in the discussion.”

Membership on the commission includes the chairs and minority chairs of the Senate and House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committees, appointments by the Senate, House and Governor, Secretaries of various state agencies, and representatives of the Farm Bureau, the Center for Dairy Excellence, the Milk Marketing Board, and Center for Rural PA and the Pennsylvania State University.

CONTACT:  Cheryl Schriner (717) 787-5490

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