State Funding Awarded for Williamsburg Water System Improvements

HARRISBURG – A $4.3 million loan awarded today will allow Williamsburg Municipal Authority in Blair County to complete a major water system improvement project that will impact a large part of the community.

The funding will allow for the replacement of a deteriorating water disinfection facility that is more than 50 years old, as well as the replacement of several deteriorated sections of the water distribution system and an extension of the system along State Route 866 and Ridge Road.

“Safe and reliable drinking water is an absolute necessity to protect public health, and the availability of a strong water system is also an important safety concern for fighting fires in the local community,” Ward said. “This project will help ensure Williamsburg residents will not have to deal with any of the dangers and public health risks of an aging water system.”

The loan was awarded by the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority, which funds a wide variety of sewer, storm water and drinking water projects throughout the Commonwealth.


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