Senator Judy Ward Issues Statement Regarding Decertification of Fulton County Voting Machines

State Senator Judy Ward (R-Hollidaysburg) issued the following statement regarding the Acting Secretary of State’s decertification of Fulton County Voting Machines:

“I find it very troubling that Acting Secretary of State Degraffenreid has followed through on decertification of Fulton County’s voting machines as the Department of State is supposed to be a neutral arbiter that allows counties to conduct elections under the authority of the County Boards of Election.”

“The election code clearly articulates counties are charged with administering elections and have the authority to investigate irregularities – whether real or perceived. The Wolf Administration and the Secretary of State’s decisions to decertify these machines is a strong-arm move designed to intimidate other counties and keep them from demonstrating to their residents that their elections were fair and accurate.  This aggressive move is just another example of why we need meaningful election reform.”


CONTACT:  Cheryl Schriner

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