Senate Approves Bill Offering New Education and Career Planning Resources for High School Students

HARRISBURG – The Senate approved a bill this week that would ensure students have access to a broader range of information about potential career and education options so that they can make informed decisions about their future, according to Senator Judy Ward (R-30). 

House Bill 265, which was approved unanimously by the Senate, would require the departments of Education, Labor and Industry, and Agriculture to create the PASmart Online Career Resource Center, an online clearinghouse of information for students, parents, educators and school officials regarding postsecondary education and career pathways.

The PASmart Online Career Resource Center would also include information on career pathways, data and statistics on employment and compensation, and other relevant resources to help students understand all of the opportunities that are available to them.

The bill also requires the creation of an online database to contain information pertaining to statewide and regional articulation agreements in an effort to ease the process of transferring credits between institutions and to allow users to be aware of these agreements before making course enrollment decisions.

Additionally, the bill would help students better understand the options that are available after graduation by requiring high schools to offer an opportunity for representatives of skilled trades, career and technical schools, community colleges, universities and priority occupations to provide information regarding employment and training opportunities in order to recruit students.

Schools would also be required to develop a summary of regional workforce needs on a regular basis to ensure students understand the career opportunities and earnings potential for career paths in their area. Not only will this information be invaluable to students, but it will also help to align post-secondary education with the current needs of Pennsylvania’s economy.

“Regardless of what path they ultimately choose, every student and parent should have an opportunity to review all of the educational and career options that are available to them after graduation,” Ward said. “This bill will create a one-stop-shop for Pennsylvania’s students, giving them all of the resources they need to make informed decisions about their future in one powerful tool.”

In addition, the bill would establish a Schools-to-Work Program in the Department of Labor and Industry to provide grants to support the creation of workforce development partnerships between schools, employers, trade associations and other organizations to create pathways to training and employment.

Special panels would also be established to study all transfer and articulation agreements, guidelines for applying credits toward the completion of agriculture education programs, and credits awarded by career and technical schools for the completion of certain science, technology, engineering or mathematics courses or programs.

Finally, the bill made revisions to the current equipment grants that are available to career and technical programs throughout the Commonwealth. The current program allows for grants to be used to purchase one piece of equipment valued over $3,000 for use in educational programs. The revisions now include a complete set of automotive or diesel mechanic tools, which were previously considered to be multiple pieces of equipment even if purchased in a complete set.


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