Senator Judy Ward Issues Statement on Sunday Hunting Decision

HARRISBURG – Senator Judy Ward (R-30) released the following statement today regarding her vote on Sunday hunting:

“As Senator of the 30th district, I often face difficult votes with passionate advocates on each side of an issue.  One of those difficult votes came this week on Sunday hunting. No matter how the vote ended, I am deeply appreciative of the feedback I received from community residents on this issue.

“The original version of Senate Bill 147 called for allowing hunting on 14 Sundays a year, which drew a great deal of alarm among opponents. The version that passed the Senate gives the Pennsylvania Game Commission the authority to permit hunting on just 3 Sundays during the year. I am encouraged that the legislation was changed to at least partially address these concerns.

“I am a strong supporter of hunters, hunting and Second Amendment rights. However, I have historically not supported Sunday hunting.  After much consultation with hunters, farmers and outdoor enthusiasts who are clearly still not in favor of this measure in any form, I voted against the bill.

“Many constituents who reached out to me expressed serious and genuine concerns about the possibility of allowing Sunday hunting. As always, the opinions of my constituents are important to me and I will do my best to represent their interests in Harrisburg.”


CONTACT:  Cheryl Schriner (717) 787-5490

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